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You seek quality of life and inner well-being despite the many challenges and pressures in your life?

That is an understandable wish. And the good thing is: Both is possible.
You have everything you need to make this happen.

I am glad to assist you through my professional expertise in hypnosis, psychotherapy and holistic coaching. I can help you leave the undesirable behind and find your very own, way forward. 


Birgit Weise

Hypnotherapist, non-medical practicioner in psychotherapy and holistic coach by passion and profession…

My name is Birgit Weise. I am working in Brussels in my own private practice with a focus on hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and holistic coaching, in German and English.

I am convinced that we all carry within us everything we need to be in the flow and to activate crucial processes of healing and change in our body, mind and soul …


Long held changes, be they externally or internally, can be so beneficial once accomplished ...


I am thus happy to welcome you back with my consultation in Avenue Molière 138, after comprehensive renovation works.

In addition to my one-to-one consultation room,

new inspiring spaces have been added, full of creative energy,

for workshops, meditation groups or seminars. Please let me know using the contact form if you would like to be informed about forthcoming events.

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“The conscious mind is clever, the subconscious mind is wise” (M. Erickson)


Changes we seek to achieve with our consciousness alone often have limited success, as our thinking, feeling, and behaviour are overwhelmingly controlled by our subconscious mind. Therapeutic hypnosis is a very effective treatment and coaching method because it acts directly on the subconscious mind, always for the benefit of the client.


As in any process of change, an indispensable prerequisite for hypnosis to be effective is that you as a the client become completely involved and that you are ready for change. For this reason, establishing a trusting relationship with you is important as well as clearing any misunderstandings that may exist in respect of hypnosis beforehand.


A common misconception of hypnosis is that in hypnosis a person loses control over his actions. But just the opposite is the case: The person recovers his control by removing blockages or other barriers affecting him.

“People are not disturbed by the things themselves, but by the opinions they form about them" (Epiktet, stoic philosopher)

Cognitive coaching

As philosophers knew already in ancient times, it is often not what there is that determines our well-being but what we think and feel about it – often unconsciously. This can be witnessed in everyday life by the fact that people often react very differently to the same experiences. Also we ourselves often have to realise that we may react to the same event in different situations completely different. 


In the same way stress research shows that stress has much to do with how we evaluate certain events and not whether there is objectively an exceptionally stressful situation. In addition to clearly objectively stressful events, many psychological burdens are based on self-damaging thought patterns or subjectively distorted interpretations, which can lead to long-lasting energy blockages and strongly negative feelings. You may leave these behind with the help of cognitive coaching.

“Take your time. A field that could rest, produces a brilliant harvest" (Ovid)

Meditation, Relaxation and Regeneration Coaching

Our life has greatly increased in complexity and speed. This is especially noticeable in urban life, as in Brussels. As a result, the general stress level of people has increased significantly, often in a permanent way, which in past times used to be an exceptional situation. Although some people seem to be able to cope with stress well, we are by our nature not made for long-term stress, even in today’s world.


Stress leads to the activation of the body’s stress mode, the part of the autonomic nervous system which sets the organism on an increased physical performance (“fight or flight”). In early age, the task of this stress mode was to secure the survival of humanity. However, this stress mode was always only meant to serve as an emergency system in situations of struggle and flight to increase activity. To make up for this afterwards, the body switched back into its regeneration mode, to have the body recover, rebuild reserve structures and to come back to the regular body functions in rest (“rest and digest”).


However, today many people are almost permanently in stress mode, especially since our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between real and imagined danger. As a result, important regeneration, reserve-build up and normal body functions are becoming more and more inadequate, also often  due to poor nutrition, too little exercise and the constant simultaneous completion of various tasks. Burn-out, fear and depression, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases are common consequences. Relaxation and regeneration techniques are an important first step in addressing these dangers…


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