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Practical detail

Treatment of any kind is preceded by a personal conversation free of charge. ​This shall enable you to decide if you can imagine to build a trustful relationship with me. This is important as a successful treatment is only feasible in case of trustful cooperation. Furthermore it gives you the room to describe your issue and the issues linked to it. This should give both sides a basis to see whether I am the right person for you and your concern.


The conversation will also serve to explain the possibilities and limits of hypnosis.

Major hypnosis session (flat rate 3 hours)

Hypnosis is an intensive short term treatment /coaching. A first major session is scheduled for 3 hours. Experience has shown that this time scale is necessary and useful to work properly. During this time, I will undertake a thorough examination of the issues presented by you and, together with you, work out goals and locate the source of the problem via hypnosis.  


After the session, I will continue my support with an individualised audio file and email. We remain in touch. Further sessions, if felt required, will then be agreed individually and independently with you.

200 Euro / 3 hrs

Further hypnosis and other sessions      
Group sessions        
based on group/nature of consultation
Frequence and duration of the treatment process

Based on your or the group’s request and agreed individually

Bearing of the fees

The fees are generally not covered by health insurance, whether private or public. Fees therefore have to be covered by clients. However, this  sometimes has the advantage that there is no entry of diagnosis in official health insurance records. 


In case of financial need, special conditions may be agreed beforehand.


I offer you a protected space. All content of meetings will be treated confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

Cancellation of a booking


A booked session can be cancelled or postponed up to 2 working days beforehand.  If not done so, half of the fee will be due.

70 Euro / hr

70 Euro / Std

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