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Regeneration of body, soul and spirit

Coaching details

Almost no relaxation and regeneration technique is scientifically better studied than meditation in its various forms and terms, including mindfulness, visualization and breathing exercises. Whether Zen monk, yogi or power business woman – the most diverse groups of people use these all-related techniques for themselves today, to align and attune themselves and find “their middle” (latin "medius" = "middle"). With these techniques the body switches, like in hypnosis, in the so called regeneration mode, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, and decreasing breathing as well as brainwave frequencies. Being in this regeneration mode not only strengthens your resilience to respond to physical and mental stress or diseases and other challenges and to face life in a positive way. It also raises your ability to perform and to concentrate.


More generally, when we are more attuned to our inner self, we are often better able to appreciate our life as meaningful, feel joy and contentment and lead life in a self-determined and authentic manner.


Furthermore, I also accompany you in case of chronical illness with your specific topics in an individualised way. In so doing I often combine elements of hypnosis, cognitive counselling and relaxation techniques in the appropriate form, to improve your current thinking, feeling and behaviour and to support you in favour of a calmer and more confident lifestyle.


Coaching process

I offer different energetic methods


  • Guided meditations, including breathing exercises

  • Cognitive anti-stress and mindfulness training

  • Deep relaxation and regeneration through hypnosis, visualisation and related techniques


in individual as well as in group work. In each case I accompany this process, supplemented by further exercises for the client outside class.


Already a single consultation can cut down on stress and other symptoms for hours. However, regular exercise is recommended in order to sustain the healing and renewal processes in body, mind and soul, to revitalizs energy flows and to build up sustainable reserves.


Upon request, I can provide workshops and seminars in other locations.

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