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Therapy details

The approach I work with is cause-oriented and thus particularly effective, as it does not only address the symptoms, but, as far as indicated, focusses on revealing the causes of disturbing patterns, habits, beliefs or bodily reactions on which you may not have any influence with your will and your conscious mind. The approach is to then replace these with new ones through individualised suggestions. Hypnosis changes, so to speak, inner images in the broadest sense of the word.


Neuroscientifically speaking it can be said that with the help of hypnosis new synaptic connections in the brain are being promoted. These new interconnections aim, amongst others, at helping to free blocked energies and resources to self-effectively dissolve psychological or phyical stress and bring body, mind and soul back into flow. 


Hypnosis also affects the autonomic nervous system on which we have no voluntary influence. It positively assists on switching the body’s stress mode („fight and flight“) into its regeneration mode („rest and digest“), allowing it to rebuild important reserves, ensure healthy recovery and to boost the body’s regular body functions.


Hypnotherapy is one of the oldest neuropathic treatments and also recognized scientifically. Studies are constantly proving its effectiveness in new areas of application. 


Basically, hypnosis is not at all uncommon. Notably as small children we all were often in a wake-hypnotic state and even as an adult, we are regularly in an wake-hypnotic state in which we often confront ourselves with many good but unfortunately also often with “less good” sugestions (e.g. “I am a failure if I don’t get the job”, “They will not like me if I refuse…“). Sometimes we may be plagued by certain thoughts and feelings that may have made sense to us in the past, but that are mainly damaging and self-defeating today. In hypnotherapy these old imprints are being replaced by new, healthier ones.


Treatment process 

Therapeutic hypnosis is brought about by words and also by careful touches.


In hypnosis, you are fully conscious and in control but your focus is completely inward. The hypnotic state is often described as being between awake and asleep when thinking is replaced by imaginations that have emotional overtones. 


Inner frames of reference are expanded and scope for action is increased. In this way,  for example, repressed events can be recalled and changed, or unconscious behaviours or limiting belief patterns can be changed constructively through positive suggestions. Hence previous to the hypnotic state, I will work together with you on adequate positive suggestions which match your intentions and final aim.


People can generally remember everything after the hypnosis.


As a rule, they feel well-relaxed, energized and in a better mood after a hypnosis. 

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