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Cognitive coaching

Coaching details

The cognitive approach of Albert Ellis (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy – REBT) aims at challenging constructively burdensome perceptions – is the concern you express really justified? – and to permanently change self-injurious thinking and feeling through the concrete development of other thoughts and feelings. The aim is not only to re-assess the concrete situation and its perception but to also anchor an altered perception in the subconscious mind for the future. The approach thus strongly relies on the transforming power of human insight through mental and emotional re-evaluation, similar to hypnosis. Both approaches, cognitive and hypno coaching, are often combined as appropriate. 


Coaching process

The specificity of this process is that my focus is less causal but focuses more on changing perceptions and assessments. This can generate an important resource to develop sustainable insights and reveal solutions, in the situation at hand and in future cases. This does not only strengthen the ability of a person to appreciate life as meaningful, feel joy and contentment but also to better deal with feelings such as fear, sadness or anger and to cope adequately with stressful situations and crisis. Moreover and more generally, it can support you to enjoy being with yourself and with others and lead life in a self-determined and authentic manner.

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