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Systemic coaching

Coaching details

The systemic approach is another very useful technique which I use, together with the client, to address the reality he faces and to try to understand it in the context of the system that shapes his reality, be it his own system (body, mind, soul), his family system (partner, children, parents, other ancestors) or his professional system (occupation, team, organization). In all these different systems, we assume different tasks and roles. Many things happen unconsciously and follow invisible laws, and may sometimes lead to stressful situations.


A systemic approach understands symptoms primarily as an expression of an „attempt to solve a problem” due to certain, in many cases unconscious relationship patterns. Again, here I am working predominantly with the unconscious mind. The aim is to assist the client to work out the underlying conflict, to make problematic patterns clear and to test the ground for alternative solutions.


Coaching process

This approach can create change by creating new opportunities that may empower the person or the system to activate unconsciously existing resources and develop viable solutions, such as new opportunities for action, and thus create a new, less painful balance.


This approach can be beneficial in countless fields of consultation, as it enables to look at, and change, all kinds of systems in which a person may be situated.  

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